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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Work in The Glade

30th May 2013
Trust members have been very busy digging out the pond and building another dam, as we have found that the previous dam was situated in the wrong place, causing the pond to silt up. The dam has now been rebuilt up stream so that the water falls over into the pond keeping it from silting up. 
It is now looking a lot better, although a lot more digging is needed to get it looking right. We are hoping that we will be getting it a little deeper to allow for some waterplants can be reestablished. We are hoping to get this area looking beautiful, so that The Ore Church Mice nursery school and hopefully other groups of children and families can come down and enjoy a picnic by the pond.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Vandalism in Speckled Wood

28th May 2013

Sadly on the 28th May the bench was destroyed by vandals kicking the back out of it leaving it beyond repair. Also 3 trees were ring barked meaning that they will now die which is awful.

The Trust contacted The Hastings Observer about this and a photo shoot took place that afternoon in the hope that someone might know who is doing this.

Friends of Speckled Wood Management Trust wish to thank Reverend Lee Duckett, Ore Church Mice, and Jo's Childminding and other members of the community who come out on that wet and muddy afternoon to show their support.

During the photo shoot for Hastings Observer. One of the kind residents of Greville Rd came up to the group and said that he would attempt to try to mend the bench. The Trust gratefully accepted this kind offer.

Monday, 27 May 2013

New Website/Ask Charlotte

27th May 2013
The trust now have another website to answer all of your questions about speckled wood, Just go to and ask Charlotte(our newest member) what you would like to know and she will happily answer any questions you have.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Wood Chip Delivered

26th May 2013
On Sunday 26th May The Trust had a very large delivery of woodchip delivered to the Victoria Avenue entrance of the wood. We spent the afternoon spreading it from the bottom of the steps in Victoria Avenue and through the pathway and steps in the entrance of the wood. 

This has hopefully made it much easier and drier to access Speckled Wood via this entrance.  It now looks lovely, especially since Mr Dave Hemsley kindly strimmed the pathway edges for us. This widening has made the paths more accessible and is routine yearly maintanance