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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

JCB Digs on five sites in Speckled Wood an Update

Inline image 1JCB Digs on five sites in Speckled Wood An Update.
4th May 2016

Today the matter was brought again to the attention of the Enforcement team who stated that a reputable company had commissioned the work It is clear the that the sites which were dug do not follow the route given by the gray haired man on this site He indicated the route would include knocking down a fully grow dree a wall which bordered onto Speckled Wood and that this pathway was proposed to go through the Speckled Wood Housing Estate. I would imagine that the residents of this estate will not welcome more cars parked in their estate to facilitate this pathways use.

If this indeed is the case why was the need for point D to be dug out as it is nowhere near the rest of the points or this route indicated by the gray haired man? 

The Hastings Borough Council conflict goes to the First Tier Tribunal Service allocation.

The Hastings Borough Council conflict goes to the First Tier Tribunal Service allocation.

4th May 2016.

The matter between the conflicts of the two Information Commissioners Office Decision Notices was put before the First Tier Tribunal Service 16th December 2015 has now reached the point where it is to be allocated to a panel of Judges. The Tribunal Registrar and Judge in two CMN have determined that only one Decision Notice can be judged in one case. It is assumed the first case with the Planning Inspectorate is not therefore contested leaving only the Hastings Borough Council matter to be judged. This allocation paperwork has now been assembled by the First Tier Tribunal Service. The Circuit can take six weeks to assign this panel two of these weeks to date have already passed.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A JCB in Speckled Wood today

3rd May 2016
A JCB in Speckled Wood today.
The first JCB digger enter Speckled wood today .I was told that this was for test holes for a proper 1:10 wheel chair access footpath. The two gentlemen the older with curly white hair told me he had been instructed to do this on this land by Ore Community Land Trust. 

When I asked him why these holes where 1m deep he winked at the digger chap and siad this was a test pit for a proper footpath. What is going on the Councilor Peter Chowney has told us in his election documents delivered through teh door that the Council will CPO and protect the site Speckled Wood.  I asked him who owned the land he was digging holes in and he could not tell me and told me they had to get on with what they was doing.