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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Parliamentory Ombudsman assigns an Inspector

4th November 2015 

The Trust and Charity were informed yesterday that the Parliamentary Ombudsman had assigned an Investigator to look into the concerns in regard to Natural England and the advice that has been given by their Wildlife Officer. The Trusts and Charity have been complaining that the site at Church Street had not been recognized properly and that incorrect diagnosis was given to the Police and other Agencies.

New Complaint to Ombudsman

4th November 2015.
The Trust and Charity made a complaint to the Ombudsman yesterday in respect to the Councils handling of the Development Management Plan Process. 

Every opportunity in 126 days had been given to the Council to provide a genuine authenticatable legally compliant copy of Richard E Hollox's the Planning Inspector Report. 

The only document being provided was a Report created on a Forward Planning computer and signed by a font used by the  user of this computer to sign thier letters.

The Council promised during the Cabinet meeting October 2012 that they would defer to the Planning Inspector to make this decision. The Friends of Speckled Wood and other groups placing a strong case and the Planning Inspector welcoming the Woodland to be kept for educational and wildlife and that it was a beautiful area that should be able to be used by the local Public. No documents have been provide as part of an update to the Green network Infrastructure and no Legally Compliant Report has been provided .   A Ninty two page report was also sent to the Ombudsman at the same time. The response from the Council when told about this situation stated "It is quite inconcievable,  that the Report having been recieved from the Planning Inspectorate is anything other than genuine." It is clear a ruling from the ICO has stated that a genuine report which was  authenticatable was correctly  stated as not beig held by tthe Planning Inspectorate.