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Friday, 27 February 2015

Save Speckled Wood

27th Feburary 2015
 The Friends of Speckled Wood Managment Trust have been very busy since being notified of the The Planning Policy teams Consultation. A letter was sent to Councils Chief Legal last week in regard to incorrect dates and confusing information. We indicated to the Councils Legal department we would be running our own Consulattion alongside the Councils to help the public to make representation. The Hastings Observer has run a story this week with a link to the Trusts new consulation. This is brilliant news . Please help us save Speckled Wood .We are not there yet but we are much closer. This consultation is one of the most important to date, it decides what is saved. The Main Modifications wording on the forms come from the Inspector  to make changes to a Plan. We have tried to make this a simple as  possible.

Friday, 20 February 2015

There is a further opportunity to comment on the Inspector's Preliminary Findings - consultation period 13 February - 27 March 2015

There is a further opportunity to comment on the Inspector's Preliminary Findings - consultation period 13 February - 27 March 2015
The Local Development Framework does not provide enough protection for Speckled Wood/Upper Ore Valley. The Main Modifications from the Inspector's Preliminary Report need to be brought in to make the Plan sound and provide protection through the Inspector's recommendations.
The decision to delete MM8 site allocation at Victoria Avenue (CV01) due to environment and community considerations overriding any requirement for development is welcomed.

MM9 deletion of proposed housing allocation CV03 at Rear of Old London Road is welcomed but it does not provide protection of the remainder of the woodland. To make the plan sound either an additional or new Main Modification should be created to MM9 expanded to encompass the entire Speckled Wood/ Upper Ore Valley green-space lying to the Rear of Old London Road and encompassing Church Street (un-adopted) to Clifton Road, Frederick Road,  known locally as nomenclature Speckled Wood essentially on the grounds that the environmental and community considerations outweigh the need/requirement for housing. Policies for Local Nature Reserve, Ancient Woodland and Local Wildlife Site would appear to be the appropriate status for this site. This is in line with the Policies contained within the Local Plan.
The Trust will be anouncing its Consultation shortly

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Speckled Wood had not been successful recognised by the Inspector.

19th February 2015
Program Officer tells the Trust Chairman "that thier arguments in respect to Speckled Wood had not been successful recognised by the Inspector. "

The Trust feel this is not suprising due to the IT related problems with the Hastings Council website site non transparency and the total disregard for legal matters in certain allocations. The Trust Chairman said he had written countless times stating the Planning Examination was disenfranchising them from  the due process. Nothing had been done to to help this situation . This resulted in the Inspector witnessing all Respondants state the Local Plan was not sound.

The Trust is concenred with the centre of the Woodland and that the Inspector has made no written comment in in his Preliminary thoughts on the plan in  regard its protection.

There have been grave concernes aired to the Complaints process and Secretory of State with reccent Planning Committie.

The Trust discusses plans to move forward with its consulation.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Evidence has been found that the 1930 General Development Plan was adopted

8th February 2015
New Evidence has been found today. A Planning Application from 1956 stating that the General Development Plan 1930 provisioning Speckled Wood as an Public Open Space was adopted.

The Trust and Charity Chairman had been researching Historical Planning Applications in regard Speckled Wood and located this Planning Application which clearly refused Planning on this estate on the basis  that it was not shown allocated for residential purposes in the Development Plan .

The General Development Plan 1930 .
Was an instrumental document that was responsible for shaping Hastings laying it out much as it is today.  This is a fabulous find in the Archive an really proves why the Council needs to have it available as a Public resource. Without this historical information being made available we will loose vital information That shows us why Hastings is cherished so dearly.

Friday, 6 February 2015

The Friends and Badger Protection Society visit the Coucils Planning Archives

6th February 2015

A second visit to the Council was conducted this morning in an attempt to view the Public Planning files  that were needed two days ago.  A previous visit had failed to present the Public Records.  Disappointingly the files where not complete again and files where missing. The Trust has been investigating a historic planning matter where the Hastings Badger Protection Society took the Council to Judicial Review. A third complaint has been raised  as the planning Department has now failed to provide information on three occasions. Paperwork in the file established and backed up the Badger Protection Society's case that it had only been to one Hearing. One possibility of this is that the first Hearing was provided on papers only in 2001 This is however not found in the Planning file. It is only by the Administrative Court Office  and was not documented and has not been resolved the missing documents would the Trust believe clarify this position. The documents on the desk are a report from Dr Julian Brown, an expert in the Judicial Review who outlines the requirement for 5m and 10m protected species corridors on page one. The other report is a report particular to the planning historic Application. More investigations are ongoing.

Speed checks on Frederick Road

06th February 2015
Traffic speed checks where being conducted on Frederick Road today by a specialist team  who braved the cold in an attempt to keep the traffic speeds down on this road Well done everyone.

Ms Tanya Charman a local Councillor has told us that she has taken the issues of the speed limit and lorry use of Frederick road  to East Sussex County Council recently to ask for them to intervene .

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Wasting Public funds

4th   February 2015

If you were part of the cattle market at the town hall this evening proportioning to be a  large number of rushed Planning Meeting to be granted by our Council then this is very sad.

The Council that we elect including the Local Ore Councillor all voted in favor of building on the Clifton Road end of Speckled Wood ignoring 6000+ objections, illegal room sizes and the Plan that cant even get a normal size garbage truck up the road this is not withstanding  the badgers who have rights on the site. Why has this happened you may ask. was the Planning Inspector not making this decision in the Revised Development Plan (Local) Plan 2014 which from 2004-2013 alone cost  over £3 million  pounds Does the Council not read Kent County Council Planning updates? . It appears that the Council did not need the report from the Planning Inspector to make their decision tonight . Why then have they spent over £3 million  pound on this Development Plan when the Council is cutting services in Hastings.  How can our ward Councillor not know the extent of Speckled Wood. Perhaps he was covering his eyes. This is supposed to be democratic well you decide. Perhaps this gives some answers as it appears the Council has been paid by HCA a large sum of money.

Monday, 2 February 2015

The Trust & Charity have learned that there is a Planning Meeting tomorrow

02 February 2015
We were told today that the Planning Department is going to have a Private Planning Meeting tomorrow  . To discuss planning regarding Church Street and other matters that have come up before them on Wednesday.

The Trust and Charity has already written to the Development Control Manager with complaint of the process.  Letters have gone out to Council Legal Department today in regard a major legal complaint.

The Trust & Charity  believes the Outline Application should not be prejudged by the Council when the Council has spent Public Money paying for a Public Examination give a decision in six weeks for this exact same matters. This is a total waste of Public Money that is being spent on a Pubic Examination if this decision is being made on Wednesday. Quite frankly this is appalling. Especially when you consider our Council is shutting down other vital services. What are they thinking .

Please phone the Council and ask them tomorrow. There has been no information as yet to tell us that the Outline Application has been withdrawn. Please come down and witness this "spiraling out of control decision making" tomorrow at the Town Hall 6:00pm tomorrow.