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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Police Investgation halted

Police Investigation Halted
25th April 2018

Is this why there has been no investigation of the council alleged fraud. It seems that the investigating Detectives case loads have just been shelved without any investigation happening.

  • Detective Constable Damon Deans-Cane was sacked after investigation  

This is very disturbing incident in the Daily Mail online. The complainant is  in contact with the police but the investigation by this same Detective has been halted without any investigation occurring. The complainant is expecting a reasonable reply from the acting Inspector. As it seems that his  investigation transferred on the skill Set and perhaps many others have all been shelved.

If you concerned about our own case please contact the police directly.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Still under Investigation

Council Still under Investigation
20th April 2018
The Acting Inspector of the Police confirmed in a communication  today that the council was being currently investigated for alleged fraud. He is awaiting an update from them.  He has confirmed "The fraud aspect of the matter is still under investigation..."

The council has still not responded in a whole month in regard this matter providing a satisfactory answer.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Talks with the Police

17th April 2018
Talks with the Police
The chairman of the Trust and director of HBPS Ltd has been in discussions with the police in regard to the alleged unlicensed illegal activities on church street evidence was provided to the police with the hope that prosecution can be sought for the nefarious activities seen on this site at Church Street part of the Speckled Wood Estate.

Thursday, 12 April 2018


12th April 2018.
Alleged Fraud Under Section 1 Offenses.
Well if you have been reading along with this story involving alleged section one fraud in regard to the land at Church street you will or might be amazed that the council still has not responded after sixteen days . The police have been notified of this fraud and there still has been no formal response from them there is already a complaint under the investigation allegedly taken by an officer . We have been told by residents that not one of them saw the police attend this site. This has led to the complaint CO/002718 . The Chairman Mr Newbold contacted the police yesterday for an update in the case of alleged fraud none was forthcoming.