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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Talks with PINS reopened at a higher level with the aid of the ICO

27th September 2015

Last week talks with the Information Comiisioners Office  backed complaint by the HMRC Charity and Trust to the Planning Inspectorate at a higher level concerns have been broached as well as additional concerns that a  list of minor amendments has also not currently been made public. 

The PINS has confirmed that if the authenticated Final Report cannot be found then the Council could be held liable under Section 25 of the Town and Country Planning(local Planning)(England) Regulations 2012 (  The PINS department is currently looking at this situation. Talks are ongoing.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Full Council Approve Development Management Plan

2rd Sepetember 2015.
Last night the Full Council voted to approve the Development Managment Plan . There was no mention of the missing Inspectors report during this meeting . The Press attended. An email was received by The Planning Inspector shorly before at 4:59pm  on the 23rd September 2015.

"The Inspectorate has received notification from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) that they have accepted your complaint about the Inspectorate’s handling of your request for information.

The ICO’s preference is for complaints to be resolved through informal means, and with this is in mind I would just like to check, at this late stage but to prevent any wasted resource by all parties, that we have the same understanding of the information that you are requesting."

This missing document  under pins the whole Development Management Plan process. There is no signature on the Main Matters used before this committiee last night. We understand that the name witten in in this font does not stand in law as a recognised digital signature. DocuSign or E.Signature or Microsoft Word processing documents writen on Planing Inspectors equipment are all authenticatable. Without this Planning Inspectors Authenticated report  underpinning this work then Planning Inspector Appeal Process will be busy and the document will fail in its objectives.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Is the Inspectors Final Report, The Real Deal!

Is the Inspectors Report, The Real

The Hastings Borough Council has what it is calling a signed copy of the Planning Inspectors Report on its website at

This document is signed at the bottom and the Public is being told that this Inspectors Report has been signed by the Planning Inspector Mr Hollox.  A useful piece of software on the internet has identified this fancy font signature as Lucida Calligraphy a very nice font that creates hand writing.

It is also apparent from the Adobe Reader XI document properties on this file that this font is listed as being used in this document. A Full Council meeting is still set to occur 23rd September 2015 at 5:00pm to approve changes to the Local Plan Hastings Development Management Plan  (Second Edition)  from the Main Matters  which are puported to have all been sent from the Planning Inspector .  We cannot establish currently that any of these documents have come from the Planning Inspector. The ICO and LGO have been notified of this situation as has the Council. The Council has not provided a document in 80 days that will allow these documents to be verified.  The Planning Inspector has als failed to profide an original document written by the Inspector.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Full Council members receive a letter in regard the missing Inspectors Report

21st September 2015

The full list of Borough Councilors have been sent letter from Hastings Badger Protection Society in regard the missing Inspectors Report  and the serious position that they are being asked to get involved in.  These letters were all taken to the Council Office today and handed over to the desk to be stamped with the date of receipt.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Sham move, or Designer Planning

18th September 2015

Hastings Borough Council is due to meet with Full Council on the 23rd September 2015 to ratify what appears to be an unsigned document. 

For eighty (80) days a Freedom of Information Request[1] has been sent to the Council  and Planning Inspectorate to obtain this legally signed or digitally signed Inspectors Report as part of the Public Examination of the Hastings Local Plan Development Plan. It has not been forthcoming from Council or Planning Inspectorate, the Information Controller has been informed.

The Council has provided a document with a fancy typeface font Lucida Calligraphy signature as proof it has a signed document. This is not a signed Report from the Inspector. Why has the Inspector not stepped in?

The premise is quite simple there has not been a signed document provided for the Full Council to determine a matter item three (3) upon  a font signature is not adequate to prove unequivocally  that the Inspector signed this Report. Some people believe that this document was written by Forward Planning Department which if this is the case  that a staggering £40,278.63. + £56,576.14[2] = £96,85477  has been spent on a sham. I have contacted Councillors and even been told what do I expect of this Council.


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Speckled Wood Culvert Cleared

16th September 2015

Today the Ore stream culvert at the Frederick Road end  of Speckled Wood was cleared  successfully with a JCB Digger. The Culvert is now clear .  We thank the people involved in this clearance the job was expertly done on this community open space land.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Has Land at Church Street been sold?

Has Land at Church Street been sold?
4th September 2015
Nearly a month ago Councilor Richard Street placed a post on his Facebook page stating that the Land at Church Street which was and is currently registered to Homes and Community’s Agency has been sold.   We followed with a similar post having  taken this as a formal notifications . Land registry have confirmed that they have nothing in their day book and have no changes since 2011 when the land registration was moved from South East Development Agency. This I not unusual other than, another indication that land owners are trying to hide via extended process.