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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Clancy Docwra back in Woodland next week

29th May 2014

The Trust Chairman met a representative of Clancy Docwra today on site in Speckled Wood to discuss how a further problem which had been identified by the camera work in  their sewage pipework was to be resolved.

The Trust has already made it clear it was unhappy with vehicles using the pathways in the area which some had been created by the silt being removed from the Ore Stream. The Progress of the vehicles was eroding the ground and creating problems which the Trust then had to handle.

The Chairman has reached agreement with them that they will not bring vehicles back into the woodland and the site will be dug by hand. The representative said that they wanted to work with us and would try to do this job with as little impact as they can.  The site will be opened up on the metal sewage pipe where it joins the clay coupling . The specialist team hope to be on site for two days. We have been assured that we will not know it has been done.

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