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Monday, 9 June 2014

Old website is being used by another group

09 June 2014

The Friends of Speckled Wood are outraged at the use of its previous domain to support damage to the Village Green and to Change it to something this Group wants. Mr Tony Polain formally of Friends of Speckled Wood is now part of the group Ore Community Land Trust. The Friends of Speckled Wood Management Trust was held to randsome last week when Mr Polains company Uniserve deleted files from the groups server stating that "There is still time to work it out" .  The Trust asked Mr Polain in 2012 to provide a website domain which they requested. It seems Mr Polains registered this site in his own company name Uniserve.

Today the site changed from giving a message 404 not available to now report a single link to something the group does not support (See image).

The Chairman learned today that a council member who is part of this group and who has previously been asked to leave planning meetings because of his views in favor of another group has been give the position of Chair of the Planning Meetings. The Trust ask the Hastings Borough Council is this member going to vacate his Chair when  an item were this Councillor has an interest comes up. A letter has gone out to Chief Legal confirming whether this appointment has been made.

Who is this organization are they working for the developer. In 2012 they would do nothing but accept the Councils plans . Now there literature says they are making the village Green larger extending it into the Woodland
 "clearance of some non indigenous Sycamore trees back scrub"
to achieve this and an outdoor performance space. Why would an organization shut down our website after registering it as  their own when asked to register it as our organization. There is no other information on this site to say who is behind this.

You have been warned. Do not Vote! We do not know where this vote is going.

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