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Friday, 23 June 2017

Is the Council trying to runaway from its liability?

Is the Council trying to runaway from its liability
23rd June 2017

The Council have been asked if its intention is to commit fraud this week and its reaction is to try to dispose of the land that this alleged fraud surrounds.

The Council has been notified of this fraud in its planning matter HS/DS/1700194.

It is also failing to put material on this site. Please object to this
The initial Registration of this land has been a subject of a complaint with Land Registry for over a month it is quite apparant that the 38 acres of land with a 1000 year lease has not expreed and the Councils First registration was flawed. The Inviestigation bodies are still investigating the matter . Is the Councils action consistant to an admition of this fraud? The web site talks about transparancy. we can see no transparancy here when its own leader of the council used Speckled Wood to manover his seat in Ore.

Is this the kind of actions you expect from your Council A spokesman for the Friends of Speckled Wood Managment Trust said " This is disgraceful".

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