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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Freedom of Information Requests served on Sussex Police


6th May 2018
Three FOI Requests have been served on the East Sussex Police in regard to non-failure to investigate criminal law in Hastings. The time has lapsed on the first request and it is now out of time. we intend to write to the Commissioner next week to ask why her force is unable to comply with the Information Acts. These requests or failure to provide these requests and criminal prosecutions will go the Police Complaints IOPC . When the last request has expired. East Sussex unwillingness to investigate criminal matters of fraud and wild life crime are noted in these requests The Acting Inspector who has been informed of this will not act on behalf of the public in any of these matters a recent communication May 4th from Aiden Cornwall "will not be looking at this matter again" a report will be made to IOPC on Monday of his failures to uphold the criminal law in Hastings in these cases. We think this is quite deplorable.

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